Atmospheric and Earth System Research with the Research Aircraft HALO                                                                                

           High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO)

Presentations and Posters during the HALO Symposium

Session A: Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation

Andreas Minikin

HALO as a platform for atmospheric and geophysical research after the first years of intensive deployment: Development, experiences and perspectives

Thomas Koop

Keynote Presentation

Christiane Voigt

ML-CIRRUS - The airborne experiment on natural cirrus and contrail cirrus with the high-altitude long-range research aircraft HALO

Johannes Schneider

Single particle analysis of aerosol particles and cirrus ice residuals during ML-CIRRUS

Ulrich Schumann

Contrail cirrus - prediction, observation, properties and open issues - a summary based on ML-CIRRUS

Benedikt Urbanek

Investigating cirrus properties and cloud evolution with airborne water vapor lidar measurements

Martina Krämer

Analyzing mid-latitude and arctic cirrus clouds based on the HALO field campaigns ML-Cirrus and POLSTRACC

Stefan Kaufmann

Intercomparison of in-situ water vapor measurements on HALO

Ralf Weigel

Cloud investigations with underwing probes on board of HALO during ML-CIRRUS and ACRIDICON

Trismono Krisna

Airborne and satellite remote sensing of optical and microphysical properties of cirrus and deep convective clouds (DCCs) during ML-CIRRUS and ACRIDICON-CHUVA

Manfred Wendisch  /          Evi Jäkel

ACRIDICON: Vertical distribution of the phase state of particles in tropical deep-convective clouds as derived from cloud-side reflected solar radiation measurements during ACRIDICON-CHUVA

Tobias Zinner

Cloud droplet profiles from high-resolution airborne solar spectral imagery during ACRIDICON

Mira Pöhlker

Cloud interaction of cloud condensation nuclei and black carbon aerosol particles

Martin Schnaiter

Simultaneous cloud particle imaging and angular light scattering measurements with the novel PHIPS-HALO probe

Susanne Crewell

NARVAL: Next-generation aircraft remote sensing for validation studies

Florian Ewald

A road towards EarthCARE: Remote sensing of ice cloud properties using combined lidar-radar measurements from HALO

Bernhard Mayer  Bjorn Stevens

EUREC4A: a field campaign to elucidate the couplings between clouds, convection and circulation

Johannes Kiliani

Calibration of the Raman lidar at the Barbados Cloud Observatory

Manuel Gutleben

Detection of shallow marine cumulus convection with airborne and spaceborne lidar-systems over the tropical North Atlantic Ocean

Bruna Holanda

Properties of refractory black carbon containing particles during the ACRIDICON-CHUVA aircraft campaign in the Amazon basin

Marcus Klingebiehl

HALO cloud radar measurements during NARVAL-II in comparison to CloudSat

Heike Konow

Cloud properties from aircraft measurements and model evaluation during NARVAL

Annette Miltenberger

On the evaluation of high-resolution simulations of mixed-phase clouds and the detectability of aerosol-cloud interactions

Andreas Minikin

The HALO Submicrometer Aerosol Inlet (HASI): Design concept and first characterization

Stephan Mertes

Measurements of cloud particle residue properties sampled by means of the HALO-CVI during the HALO cloud missions ML-CIRRUS and ACRIDICON-CHUVA

Daniel Sauer

AMETYST: Aerosol microphysics measurements on HALO

Christiane Schulz

Airborne aerosol and cloud residual chemical composition measurements in the Amazon tropical troposphere during ACRIDICON-CHUVA 2014

Odran Sourdeval

Ice crystal number concentration estimates from active satellite remote sensing : Method and in situ evaluation

Bjorn Stevens / Christopher Kiemle

Structure and dynamical influence of water vapor in the lower tropical troposphere

Frank Stratmann

High Volume Aerosol Sampler for HALO (Hera4HALO) Developments concerning the physical and chemical characterization of ice nucleating aerosol particles with HALO

Kevin Wolf

Potential of remote sensing of cirrus optical thickness by airborne spectral radiance measurements in different viewing angles and nadir geometry

Tobias Zinner

Spectral solar imagery of clouds over the Atlantic during NARVAL-2 and NAWDEX